The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies

This page is devoted to the Knowledge Base of Futures Studies (KBFS) which is soon to be up-dated for the last time.

The KBFS first appeared as a special issue of Futures published in March 1993. The first book edition was a three volume set presented in a sturdy slip case. It was launched at a World Future Society Conference (WFS) in Washington DC during July 1996. Two further hard copy editions followed. Then in 1999 and 2000 my son, Rohan, and I converted the files into html documents and assembled the first CD-ROM. This was followed by the 2005 version described in the summary below. Also included here is a revised series introduction that appears on the disc. It provides a succinct account of how and why the KBFS arose and was developed, along with some of the feedback it has received.

Currently we are gearing up to embark on the final up-date of the KBFS which is expected to take about two years. Further information on the project will be posted here in due course.

KBFS Professional Edition CD-ROM Overview (To open click here)

KBFS Series Introduction (To open click here)

The KBFS as an Evolving Process (1996) (To open click here)