Tribute to Hedley Beare

A tribute to Hedley Beare, colleague, friend and mentor, who died in September 2010 has been added to the Futures in Education page. I’ve also decided to re-edit and revise our book Education for the 21st Century, partly as a further tribute to Hedley and also to make this later version available to a new generation of educators. Re-reading the pre-publication manuscript that we produced together not only brought back fond memories of working with him, it also reminded me of some of the themes we’d tackled – themes that have only grown more extreme and urgent since then.

As a ‘taster’ of what will soon re-emerge I’ve also added a short ‘op ed’ piece I wrote for the Melbourne newspaper, The Age, in 1997. It points out some of the fundamental contradictions of school systems that readily address ‘the future’ rhetorically and as window-dressing but, thus far, have failed abysmally to understand (a) how central the futures dimension is to every aspect of education and (b) how the approaching global emergency undermines more conservative and traditional approaches.

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