Four social foresight monographs

Four of the series of ten monographs from the Australian Foresight Institute’s (AFI) research program carried out during 2001 to 2005 have been placed in the Foresight Monographs section. The first provides an overview of the whole program and its main conclusions. The second looks at the transformative cycle (or T-cycle for short), a tool or method for considering ‘breakdowns and renewals of meaning’. The third considers the development and uses of critical futures studies and one of its associated methods (CLA) in part through the bios of those involved. The final item is a succinct and very useful overview of futures in (not ‘of’) education. It is required reading for anyone considering introducing a futures perspective, futures tools and methods, into educational settings at any level.

Together these four publications provide access to several aspects of innovation and renewal in futures thinking and applied foresight. To locate the other monographs please go to:


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