Futures Papers

This page contains links to a selection of papers on a range of futures subjects. Please note that Adobe Reader (or a suitable PDF viewer) must be installed on your computer to open these files.

Beyond the global emergency: Integral futures and the search for clarity (2015) (To open click here)

Academic publishing in transition: the case of Foresight (2016) (To open click here)

Time to get real: a critique of Global Trends 2030 – Alternative Worlds (2013) (To open click here)

Defending the future (Overview of a special issue of On the Horizon on responses to The Biggest Wake-Up Call in History) (2013) (Click here to download)

Beyond the threshold: Using climate change literature to support climate change response  (2009) (Open here…)

Making headway during impossible times (2012) (Click here to download)

Welcome to the anthropocene (2012) (To open click here)

Sense making, futures work and the global emergency (2012) (Click here to download)

Responding to the global ‘megacrisis’ (2012) (Click here to download)

Evaluating ‘overshoot and collapse’ futures (2010) (Click here to download)

Beyond the Growth Imperative (2012) (Click here to download)

From forecasting and scenarios to social construction..(2002, 2012). (Open here)

The State of Play in the Futures Field (SoPiFF) (2009) (Click here to download)

SoPiFF and the Global Problematique (2009) (Click here to download)

Remembering JG Ballard (2009) (Click here to download)

A response to Tim Flannery’s Now or Never? essay (2008) (Click here to download)

A response to essays about Is ‘America the Land of the Future’? (2008) Click here to download)

From future shock to social foresight: re-contextualising cyber culture (2002) (Open here)

Is America the Land of the Future? (2008) (Click here to download)

Why Rudd’s 2020 Summit Missed the Mark (2008) (Click here to download)

Why I care about the WFSF (2008) (Click here to download)

Lessons from the Australian Commission for the Future: 1996-1998 (1998) (Open here)

A new framework for environmental scanning (1999) (Open here)

A conversation with Wendell Bell (2007) (Click here to download)

Asleep at the Wheel: The WFS at Forty (2008) (Click here to download)

Beyond ‘gloom and doom’ (2006) (Click here to download)

Professional standards in futures work (1998) (Open here)

The T-cycle: a tool for illuminating change (1987, 2002) (Open here)

Futures studies as a civilisational catalyst (2002) (Open here…)

The transformative cycle (monograph, 2004) (Open here)

Futures studies – from individual to social capacity (1996, 2012) (Click here to download)

Long-term thinking and the politics of reconceptualisation (1996) (Open here)

Reflections on 40 years of Futures and futures studies (2008) (Click to download)

Probing beneath the surface: review of a decade’s futures work (1989) (Open here)

Future vision in the nuclear age (1987, 2012) (open here)

Beyond the mundane: reconciling breadth and depth in futures enquiry (2002) (Open here…)

Futures studies as an intellectual and applied discipline (2002) (Open here)

Mapping the future: creating an overview of the next 20 years (1996, 2018)  (Open here)

Creating a foresight capability for education, business and government (2002, 2018) (Open here)

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