Street Art in New York

Most of the following images were taken at the famous 5 Pointz street art mecca in Long Island City in 2012. The building had been under threat from’ development’ for some time. Sadly, most of the artworks shown here no longer exist. They were vandalised in November 2013 when they were covered with a layer of whitewash.

5Pointz_01 5Pointz_02 5Pointz_03 5Pointz_04 5Pointz_05 5Pointz_06_Zeso_Meres 5Pointz_07 5Pointz_Alice


5Pointz_Cans 5Pointz_Crisp 5Pointz_Dekor_Pete_VG 5Pointz_J_Cochran_Subway_Rider 5Pointz_Kram_01 5Pointz_Kram_02 5Pointz_Mero_Shiro_Figs_01 5Pointz_Ruelo_Orig


5Pointz_Shiro_Demer_Meres_Nurses_01 5Pointz_Shiro_Demer_Meres_Nurses_02 5Pointz_Straker 5Pointz_TFP 5Pointz_The_Yok 5Pointz_ZFSO Brooklyn_Demon


Brooklyn_Unknown NY_1stAve_02 NY_1stAve_21 NY_1stAve_Phlegm NY_3rdAve_01