Foresight_DP_ Issue_Vol16_No6_2014_smallestDescent Pathways: Special Issue of Foresight: Abstract (2014) (To open click here) Editorial Introduction (and summary of papers) (To open click here)







To See With Fresh Eyes: Integral Futures and the Global Emergency (2012) Contents, and Intro by Andy Hines (To open click here)

The following short article was written in 2018 for issue 2 of the new WFSF on line magazine Human Futures. A look back at the above book leads to a brief discussion of where themes from it have subsequently led Read more…





The Biggest Wake-Up Call in History: Contents and Introduction (2010) are here. 5-minute synopsis is here. A review by Andy Hines is here. Winner of an APF Most Important Futures Work Award 2012. Details are here.  






Foresight_SoPiFF_v11_no5_smallThe ‘State of Play’ in the Futures Field: Special issue of Foresight (2009) (To open click here)






Futs_Integ_small_2008Integral Futures Methodologies: Special Issue of Futures (2008) Introduction (To open click here) Winner of APF Most Important Futures Work 2008 (To open click here)







AFI Monograph Series: Summaries (2003 – 6) (To open click here) Review of the Series: (To open click here)




RS_Beyond_Mundane_TKU_smallBeyond the Mundane (2007)  (To open click here)









Pathways to Foresight (2006) 3 DVD Set Introduction by Jay and Olgy Gary (To open click here)








Towards a Wise Culture CD-ROM (2005) (To open click here)





World Futures Studies Federation: Histories and Futures (2005) (To open click here)








Futures Thinking for Social Foresight CD-ROM (2005) Preface and Introduction (To open click here)





Futures Thinking for Social Foresight (2005, 2012) (To open click here)







FBD_smallFutures Beyond Dystopia: Creating Social Foresight (2004) Foreword by Ken Wilber (To open click here) Introduction (To open click here)








Futures of Futures Studies (2002) (To open click here)








Gone Today Here Tomorrow_smallGone Today, Here Tomorrow: Millennium Previews (2000) (To open click here)







Futures for Third MillFutures for the Third Millennium (1999) (To open click here) Contents (To open click here)







Futs Edn Yearbook cover no shadowWorld Yearbook of Education (1998) (To open click here)








Learning and Teaching About Future Generations (1997) (To open click here)







KBFS_display_best_smallKnowledge Base of Futures Studies Volume 1 (1996) (To open click here)

Volume 2 (1996) (To open click here)

Volume 3 (1996) (To open click here)





Knowledge Base of Futures Studies Vols 1 – 5 Pro Edition CD-ROM (2005) (To open click here) Winner of APF Most Important Futures Work 2005




New Thinking for a New Millennium (1996) (To open click here)







Futures_Concepts_smallFutures Concepts and Powerful Ideas (1991, 1996, 2000)  (To open click here)







Futures_Tools_smallFutures Tools and Techniques (1987, 1995, 1998, 2000) (To open click here)







Foresight_Principle_smallThe Foresight Principle: Cultural Recovery in the 21st Century (1995) (To open click here) Summary by Jan Lee Martin (To open click here)








The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies (1993) (To open click here)







Edn 21C cover no shadowEducation for the Twenty-First Century (1993) (To open click here)








Futures Studies and Higher Education (1992) (To open click here)








Futures for Australia and the Pacific (1990) (To open click here)







Studying the F cover no shadowStudying the Future (1989) (To open click here)








Recovering the F cover no shadowRecovering the Future (1988) Brief Overview (To open click here) General Introduction (To open click here)







Birds in Bda smallBirds in Bermuda (1975) Preface by David B. Wingate (To open click here)

Review by Marion Robb (To open click here)