Research Notes: Futures Journals, Social Interests

This page contains occasional research notes and new work. It’s also worth noting that my most recent book To See With Fresh Eyes – Integral Futures and the Global Emergency contains sections on Applications and also on Case Studies and Implications. The latter is comprised of seven chapters:

* Waking up after the war.

* Mapping the limits of conventional intelligence: a review of ‘mapping the future’ (Global Trends 2030, US National Intelligence Council, December 2012 ).

* What difference does ‘Integral’ make?

* The state of play in the futures field: a metascanning overview.

* Beyond the threshold: using climate change literature to support responses to climate change.

* Welcome to the Anthropocene.

* Making headway during impossible times.

The main item here is an in-depth review of the journal Foresight and its possible implications for academic and professional publishing within the futures studies and applied foresight domain. The project was undertaken after writing (and reviewing) for the journal over more than a decade, editing one issue (The State of Play in the Futures Field, 2009) and co-editing another (Descent Pathways, 2014). Over time these experiences revealed a variety of issues that go well beyond any particular publication and therefore I felt needed to be more widely discussed. An initial draft of the review was sent to ten well-placed and respected members of the field for feedback and comment. The responses have been addressed in the final version which is now added here along with two other items. One is the abridged version recently published in the APF’s journal Compass. Thanks are due to the editor, Andrew Curry. The other is a brief research note intended to clarify the role of Social Interests in Foresight work more generally. It was produced as part of the background material for the SoPiFF project and provides a point of reference for others wishing to explore the issues and join the debate.

Foresight Critique (abridged version) from APF Compass (To open click here)

Foresight Critique 2015 (full version) (To open click here)

Metascan of Futures Journals (To open click here)

Summary of Social Interests and Foresight (To open click here)