Street Art in Toowoomba 2015

The second of two annual street art festivals was held in Toowoomba, Queensland, during May 2015. Some of the finest examples anywhere can now be seen in various locations around the city. They include works by Adnate, McGee, Sofles and Gimiks. A map showing the locations of many of these pieces was available to interested visitors. While Melbourne is still the ‘capital’ of high quality street art in Australia both Perth and Toowoomba have shown a genuine interest. It is truly amazing how a selection of original works can brighten and enliven even the most dreary and worn-out streetscapes. It can only be hoped that other cities will follow suit and open themselves to the best that street art can offer.

Toowoomba_Adnate_017a Toowoomba_First_Coat_031a Toowoomba_FirstCoat_021a Toowoomba_Fuzeillear_036a Toowoomba_Gimiks_003a Toowoomba_Gimiks_Born_009b


Toowoomba_Harnden_022a Toowoomba_Madsteez_039a Toowoomba_McGee_001a Toowoomba_Treazy_Drapl_025a Toowoomba_Vans_007b