Birdlife Southern Queensland Photography Newsletters 2013-16

2013 Newsletters

January News. Improving your image (Tom Oliver). Resizing and cropping your image (Rob Parker). Editor’s notes. Open here

March News. Improving your image 2 (Tom Oliver). Digital image workflow (Tom Oliver). The flexibility of RAW (Tom Oliver). Editor’s notes. Open here

August Photographing small birds (Marj Webber, Richard Slaughter). Bird photography at the weir (John Rawlinson). Bali bird walks (Tony Bailey). Why a website? (Kim Wormald) Open here

November Welcome. Ingham field trip report (Richard Slaughter). Favourite bird spot (Julie Sarna). Using layers (David Jenkins) Open here


2014 Newsletters

March Welcome. Using layers 2 (David Jenkins). A favourite birding spot (Paul Jensen). Queensland Ornithological Conference: The State of Australia’s Birds Open here

July Welcome. Using layers 3 (David Jenkins). Bird watching at home (John Eley). Favourite birding spot – Moonee Beach (Vic Weaver). Open here

September Welcome. Bush stone-curlew (Linda Oliver). Southern emu-wren (Sonja Frei). Photographing birds in flight (Tom Oliver). Aussie backyard bird count and birds in backyards (Holly Parsons & Stacey Madden). Local and interstate information. Using masks on layer modes: lightening the eyes (David Jenkins).Open here

December Welcome. How to make a calendar (Richard Slaughter). Mystery – Yellow bittern (Marj Webber). News & events. Right place – right time (Ron Duglinson, Paul Jensen). Working with Adobe lightroom (David Jenkins). Open here


2015 Newsletters

March Welcome. Newcastle digital bird photography workshop (Julie Sarner). Favourite birding spot – Tenterfield (Mike Thomsett). News and events. Ed Fraser’s hybrid bird sanctuary (Richard Slaughter). Open here

July Welcome. Photographing birds in flight (Ian Boyd). Rescuing a Shy Albatross (Richard Slaughter). Rainbow Bee-eater (Trevor Heath). News and events. Photographer in focus – Tom Oliver. Open here

September Welcome. Bird craft and bird photography (Les Peters). News and events. Working with Photoshop layers: making a page template (David Jenkins). Open here

December Welcome. A question of balance – what do you spend your money on? (Les Peters). The ‘art and craft’ of bird photography (Kim Wormald). A good afternoon at the Fassifern Valley, SEQ (Trevor Heath). Open here


2016 Newsletters

March Welcome. My best bird photo ever (Georgina Steytler). News and events. Repairing a Square-tailed Kite (Richard Slaughter). RAW converters are not all equal: A case study (Ian Wilson). Open here

July Welcome. A bird photographer gets to know his Wrens (Ed Fraser). News and events. Feathers and light (Richard Slaughter). Open here

December Welcome. The Bellbirds of Central Tilba (Mike Thomsett). News and events. Best bird photographs from the Queensland Ornithological Conference, UQ, 9-13 July. Western Grasswren (George Chapman), Rufous Fantail (Graham Donaldson), Welcome Swallow family (Deborah Metters), Bar-tailed Godwit (Margaret O’Grady), Fan-tailed Cuckoo (Peter Storer). Open here