Integrate Bridge and Camera RAW into Your Workflow

Select and open images in Bridge

Click ESSENTIALS and highlight the images

Select METADATA and/or KEY WORDS and fill in desired fields

Click FILMSTRIP. Use LABEL (top menu) or COMMAND + and number to rate your images. Note how FILTER at left shows your choices

Click row(s) you want to work on

Double click chosen image -> activates RAW Processor

Make adjustments using slides and tabs. If doing many similar, save settings

Or if processing a few similar images can highlight all – but must save individual images separately

LABEL & SAVE AS jpg for smaller images (range to choose from) or SAVE AS tiff for larger images you will continue to work on

Double click thumbnail to OPEN PHOTOSHOP = more tools, many more choices. Finish processing images here.

For simple corrections can use IMAGE -> ADJUSTMENTS but far greater range and control using TOOLS and LAYERS

HEALING TOOL for use in open areas without detail & CLONE TOOL for detail and edges

LAYERS open up many further options

MASKING and PAINTING THOUGH gives exquisite control over every part and aspect of an image. Well worth mastering.


Use UNSHARP MASK as a last step if necessary.

N.B. See Tom Oliver’s suggested workflow in BSQP Newsletter Vol 2 No 2, March 2013 (under Birds on main menue).