Earlier Work: Science Fiction

What do we do now the future is here?

Winning entry for Yorcon 1985 competition.









Metafiction, transcendence and the extended present: three keys to post-galactic SF

(Expanded version of the above for UK SF journal Foundation, 1986.) During research at the interface between futures study and education I have often been surprised at how people tend to associate the former with prediction. I suspect this indicates a need for reassurance, a search for security, a response to the disintegration of contemporary structures and meanings. But neither futures study nor speculative literature have been concerned to predict the future, or even to forecast it. Rather they utilise a range of views of the future as a means of elaborating the present.  (Read more…)

Delicate immortal meanings  (To read open here)

Selected for the Gollancz / Sunday Times SF Competition Stories 1987. (With introduction from Recovering the Future, Grad. School of Environmental Science, Monash University, 1988.)

The Genius of Frank Hampson

Once a week a copy of the boy’s comic, The Eagle, slipped into this small world of mine. As a child, of course, I had no idea where it had originated, how it had been made, or why. All I knew is that each week something marvellous fell into my hands and I was immediately transported elsewhere. (Read more…)