The Foresight Principle (1995)

2020 was the 25th anniversary of The Foresight Principle – a book I  thoroughly enjoyed writing and was favourably received. I’d hoped to be able to reproduce the full text here but the final manuscript was missing. So I attempted to edit an earlier one still in my possession using the hard copy book as a guide. However, this simply took too long. What I ended up with was the following: author reflections (written in 2005) a Foreword kindly written by Hazel Henderson, the original Introduction and the first three chapters. The full text of the book (along with three others) is still available in CD-ROM format from the FI shop at the address below. In time it may be possible to migrate these earlier publications to a more recent format as was recently done with the Legacy Edition of the Knowledge Base of Futures Studies.

FI shop:

Author reflections here

Foreword by Hazel Henderson here

Introduction here

PART ONE: Establishing the context: looking beyond the industrial worldview

Chapter 1: Looking Back here

Chapter 2: Looking Around here

Chapter 3: Looking Forward here