Ten Foresight Monographs


The Australian Foresight Institute Monograph Series was published from 2003 to 2006. In addition to the soft cover edition shown here the series was collected and re-published in a hard cover library edition in 2007. These publications were part of a research program on Creating and Sustaining Social Foresight that was supported by the Pratt Foundation, Melbourne, to whom grateful acknowledgment is due.


Foresight in Everyday Life (To open click here)





From Critique to Cultural Recovery (To open click here)





Wider and Deeper (To open click here)





Reframing Environmental Scanning (To open click here)





Futures in Education (To open click here)





The Transformative Cycle (To open click here)





Foresight Practice in Australia (To open click here)





Creating and Sustaining Foresight in Australia (To open click here)





Foresight and Philanthropy (To open click here)





Pathways and Impediments to Social Foresight (To open click here)





Master of Strategic Foresight Course Information:


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